Angela, 2023

16mm film, eiki, articulating arm, glass jar, moxa

knowing rock, 2023

flint, tacks, plaster, gauze, wool felt, sugar paper, gouache, dust

Rehearsal, 2023

hand printed 16mm film, projection, wool felt, paper

Silent Pact at The Horse Hospital , 2022 

A screen for Silent Pact ,  2022

oyster shell, jesmonite, miliput, washi string, nuts and bolts

110 x 89 x 20cm

Compass ,  2021

jesmonite, motor, aluminium, articulating arm, eiki projector

25 x 60 x 75 cm

Allochory (resting state)  , Spring Season 2020

aluminium, motors, steel chain, mirrors and windows
(five identical sycamore seeds)
59 x 24 cm. Chain length variable.